• Agency contracts
  • CKD, SKD
  • CRM, SCM
  • Data Base
  • Direct sales
  • Firm Restructure
  • Gov. Subsidiaries
  • Import/Export
  • Information Search
  • Joint Ventures
  • Marketing Plans
  • NexPIPE
  • Representation
  • Strategic Plans
  • Subsidies Export
  • Technology Transfer

  • Services:

  • Direct sales Under commission basis to specific markets.
  • Marketing strategy plans, SWOT analysis, 4p strategy.
  • Import/Export specific dealings.
  • MSE re-structuring and feasibility studies.


    Direct sales Under commission basis to specific markets.

    Our company is specialised in acting as the Export department of our clients worldwide or for specific areas, taking the responsibility of all the selling actions, from the initial prospecting up to customizing the deliveries and payment negotiations, L/C and other payment modes.

    By means of our partner offices we can assure a day-by-day follow up in the markets of North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe countries.

    Our task the typical one of an Export Department, as, for example:

    • Detect and get in touch with possible clients.
    • Visits agenda organization.
    • Product registration and homologation.
    • Sales price/product negotiation.
    • Sales follow up, L/C negotiation.
    • Customer Relationship Management.

    Marketing strategy plans, SWOT analysis, 4p strategy.

    No mater how simple it might be, any Small and Middle size Enterprises (SME) has to produce its marketing Plan in order to successfully conduct its commercial activity worldwide. Any decision taking process needs enough information analysis prior to get the action ready.

    A market plan has basically the following steps:

    • Update the client profile definition.
    • Search where and how we can get in touch with him.
    • Select the geographical area after gathering the relevant information.
    • Prepare the market access plan, SWOT analysis, and the budget plan.
    • Produce the series of actions that we have to undertake and do them.
    • Produce the evaluation table in terms of gains and loses per product and area, in order to control the benefits and efficiency of our actions.

    Import/Export specific dealings.

    Our firm offers complete services for exploring foreign markets and implements the strategy of penetration, selecting agents or distributors, preparing the agency contracts, and also:

    • Information on market trends, legal conditions of products and services.
    • Customizing the markets. Follow up of sales and clients consumption control.
    • Assistance in negotiations of Governmental credits and funds dealings. European union funds.
    • Missions abroad for specific commercial purposes.
    • Sales and negotiation dealings.
    • Control of deliveries and transport follow up.
    • Preparation and negotiation of documentary credits.
    • Negotiation of transport prices.
    • Optimisation of packings and customs clearances.
    • Translation and catalogue design, web site designs and building.
    • Product and trade mark registration in countries of destination.
    • Customs clearances dealings.

    MSE re-structuring and feasibility studies.

    Most probably what a company needs is a proper corporate plan in order to know the best way to advance and expand.

    For doing so the steps are the following:

    • Deep company diagnosis.
    • Analysis and recommendations of the problems found.
    • Preparation of a complete plan for the improvement of the company’s efficiency.

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